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5 New Korean upcoming music videos are releasing this week by BIBI, 1TEAM, DEAN

5 New Korean upcoming music videos are releasing this week by BIBI, 1TEAM, DEAN

In the midst of the sad time, BBHerald is presenting the list of the 5 New Korean Music videos which are going to be released this week by BIBI, 1 TEAM, DEAN and more. These songs are being highly anticipated by the people living throughout the world if it comes to that which one song is there which will not be listened by the audience. Even the audience is all set to ready for watching all types of songs always. Here we have also presented the top-notch Korean Songs which will be brought forward officially on the youtube channel. The track of youtube is the best for music presentation if it comes to that fans are eagerly waiting to watch these all songs online this week.

5 Korean Upcoming new music videos

Friends for knowing the name of all New Korean songs, you will have to pay attention to this entire article like in the same way. The new songs which are going to be brought forward in this week are- Cigarette and Condom by BIBI, Ullaeli KKoollaeli by 1TEAM, 9Lives by Hyolyn, Sukhumvit Swimming by ONF, Breath by DEAN, Rad Museum, Mokyo. Know the entire details about these all songs through this page-

5 New Korean upcoming music videos are releasing this week by BIBI, 1TEAM, DEAN

Cigarette and Condom

BIBI’s latest Korean music video has brought a fresh look if it comes to that the song alludes to the refreshing look at womanhood and adult. Cigarette and Condom titled music video is going to be adduced in the midst this week for which fans were willingly waiting still. In this music video, she expresses her proper control over $exuality and Relationship. This music video is filled with a romp, Cheeky imagery.

Ullaeli KKoollaeli

Ullaeli KKoollaeli a pop-rock track which is being presented by 1TEAM has elated to all fans and lunatic watchers. This hilarious music video has been directed by the one and only South Korean filmmaker Zany Bros. In the video clip the five alluring Korean members showing their ridiculously dramatic versions which is looking much interesting.


The top-notch Korean dancer Hyolyn is presenting the new track which is ready to allure all. This coming English track titled “9Lives” is being much awaited by the audience, moreover, this music video will bring forward the simple dance duet between her and a young girl who will be seen while presenting her younger self.

Sukhumvit Swimming

Sukhumvit Swimming is also one of the Korean Songs which is being presented on youtube in the midst week by ONF. This new single music video is ready to hit the nail on the head among all Korean songs. This song is ready to leave the vibrant impression for the other songs.


This music video is being presented by Korea’s Prince R&B DEAN. This Single music video is marking the come back of top-notch track only on youtube. This Single music video has also been presented by Rad Museum which features Mokyo and Rad Museum too. All the artist in this music track has shown their soft and much alluring voice.

These are the five Korean new music videos that are being presented in this week!

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