Apple Overtakes Saudi Aramco To Become World’s Most Valuable Listed Company

On Friday, when Apple announced its quarterly result, we can clearly see the growth of 10% of its share price to record high level as a result of this Apple beats the Saudi Aramco to become the most valuable publicly listed company in the world. As per the share count which was provided by the iPhone makers on Friday, the current market capitalization of the company is around $1.82 Trillion Dollars. The price of one share of the tech giant is $425.04 Dollars (Rs 31,800) approx.)

Since March 13, this is the largest one day gain has seen by Apple. During this session, the market capitalization of Apple is increased by $172 Billion Dollars, which is more than the entire market capitalization of the Oracle. Microsoft May Buy TikTok In The US

Apple’s market capitalization now stands at $1.84 trillion

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Since its IPO last year Saudi Aramco become the most valuable publicly listed company in the world with a market capitalization of $1.760 Trillion Dollars as per the last stock market session.

According to the fillings, Apple has bought back its own share worth $16 Billion Dollars and the number of outstanding Apple shares is 4,275,634,000 as per July 17.

Apple has shown tremendous year-to-date growth of 45%, as investors suggest that the company will pass the pandemic phase with much restrain compared to the smaller peers.

Apple is also announced in his quarterly report, a four for one share split. This will be in effect with the start of the August 31 stock market session. After 2014, this is Apple’s first stock split.

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