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Best iOS 14 Features: How To Use Hidden Features, Step-by-step Guide

Best iOS 14 Features: How To Use Hidden Features, Step-by-step Guide

In the recent Apple event, the company has revealed tons of new features in its iOS 14 update. There are many small changes that will completely change your user experience like the app drawer feature is now available in the iOS devices. That’s not it, there are many new widgets that you can add to the home screen for a better experience. If you haven’t updated the latest iOS 14 then do it quickly and check out the list of new features and also how to use them.

iOS 14 New Features

iOS 14 has provided the users with an array of new features that are extremely handy and have changes the user interface and experience of iOS quite significantly. These new features were necessary for Apple to stay ahead in the competition. Here are the new features for iOS 14: Condor Season 3 Release Date

Best iOS 14 Features: How To Use Hidden Features, Step-by-step Guide

  • The use of widgets on the home screen
  • Removal of Applications from the home screen
  • Removal of Pages from the Home Screen
  • Application Gallery
  • Siri gets a much-required update
  • Back tapping for actions
  • No more full-screen calls
  • Translate Application
  • Pinning Conversation in Messages
  • Memoji Tweaks
  • Users can change their car-play wallpaper now
  • Users can plan cycling trips on the maps application
  • Users can create a hidden folder in the photos application
  • Tag anyone in a text conversation

Now, in a group message, you’ll be able to reply to a particular person by simply type @ and the name of the person to whom you want to reply and that’s it. If you want to create a thread then long press on a particular message and select the Reply option.

  • Pin your favorite contact to the top of the messages

With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to pin a particular contact or a group conversation at the top of the messages app. So, whenever you open the app, you don’t have to scroll all the way to find these conversations. You can do this by simply any conversation right.

  • In-Built Translation app

The iOS 14 updates bring you its own in-built translation app, now you don’t have to use google translate if you don’t want to. With the help of this, you can translate to and from English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian. You can either type the sentence in the translator app or you can also speak it into the microphone for translation.

  • Organize home screen with App Library

In the App Library, all the installed app will be managed according to their category automatically. You can just go to the app library and use the app that you like. To do this, swipe from right to left until you reach the end of the home screen and boom there is your App Library.

  • Brand New Home Page and Widgets

As Android users, iPhone users are now also allowed to add widgets to their home screen. And that’s not it, you’ll also be able to change the size of your widgets as well.

There is a feature called Smart Stack Widget that will show you information from inter-related apps like weather and calendar. Just like before, widgets will be available at the left of Home Screen, you need to drag and drop it from there.

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