Bigg Boss Telugu 4 9th September 2020: An ugly fight between Abijeet & Syed Sohail Ryan

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 September 9 episode: An ugly fight between Abijeet and Syed Sohail Ryan

Bigg Boss is one of the much controversial shows in India whether it is in any language. It grabs the audience attention in every episode. Since the first day, no day is left without fights. Today, once again you will see the same but between other contestants. In today’s episode, you will be witnessing Syed Sohail Ryan and Ariyana entering the BB house. The duo buzz a call from the secret room of BB house for food, though contestant will clearly deny sending their ration.

In the next tasks, you will see Bigg Boss asks housemates to write a name whom they believe is Kattappa among them. They have to mention those name on a slip and then had to put into the secret box.

BB Telugu 4 September 9 episode: Ariana and Sohail enter the house

Some names on the chits were mentioned such as Noel Sean, Surya Kiran, Mehaboob Shaikh, Amma Rajasekhar, Akhil Sarthak, and Lasya Manjunath. You may be guessing who would get maximum votes? According to most of the housemates, Akhil Sarthak is Kattappa.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 September 9 episode: An ugly fight between Abijeet and Syed Sohail Ryan

Gangavva couldn’t gather the courage to tell Akhil that most of the housemates believe that he is Kattappa among them. We will tell you the interesting part of today’s episode which you must not miss out. What? Just wait for a while. As you have already gone through with the title and it is the most focusing part of the episode. The ugly fight between Abijeet and Sohail is gonna be scary and hilarious that you may enjoy. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 September 8: Check Nominated Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Today Episode: Sohail and Abijeet fight

You may be thinking What? Abijeet will be fighting as he has been so cool and calm so far but this show has made to create twists and you will witness everything which you never thought before. Ariana can also be seen exposing her disagreement to Noel on the same matter. They have been sent into the house to question housemates that why they haven’t sent food to them.

The show lovers are expressing their thought about the promo shared on the social media where a few are in the favour of  Abhijeet and some are supporting Sohail. So, it’s going to be so much interesting and we want you to give your views about the same in the comment section given below. Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss Telugu on Star Maa at 9:30 PM, Mon-Fri.