BMC demolishes Kangana’s unauthorized office portion, Death of Democracy trends

BMC demolishes Kangana’s unauthorized office portion, Death of Democracy trends

Earlier today, the BMC has demolished the allegedly illegal and unauthorized part of the office which is belonged to the Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. It is said that the government of Maharashtra and BMC have been targeting Kangana because of her recent face-offs with Shiv Sena.

Later Kangana herself tweeted some photos of her demolished office and said that was the reason due to which she described Mumbai as Pakistan and she also mentioned this event as the death of democracy.

#DeathOfDemocracy trends on Twitter after BMC’s demolition drive at Kangana Ranaut’s Bandra office

Kangana tweeted, “There is no illegal construction in my house, also the government has banned any demolitions in COVID till September 30, Bollywood watch now this is what fascism looks like #Deathofdemocracy #KangnaRanaut”.


She also shared some photos of the BMC officials at her house with the description, “Pakistan…. #deathofdemocracy”

In only just an hour the hashtag #deathofdemocracy was trending on Twitter. People all around the company have been bashing the government of Maharashtra for their actions. TV Actress Sravani Kondapalli Committed Suicide, Know Death Reason

The Congress leader, Srivasta took a dig on this matter and said, “For those who are asking why Mumbai Corporation is taking action against Kangana’s illegal construction only now and not before. The answer is the same as how the Narcotics Control Bureau found out about Marijuana’s existence only now and not before.”

Kangana’s office is located at Bandra’s Pali Hill and the work of demolition was started around 11:00 AM in the morning when BMC officials arrive at the office with excavators and bulldozers.

On this event, the Assistant Municipal Commissioner of BMC Vinayak Vispute said, “We will carry out the demolition work over the 8-10 structural violation carried out at Kangana Ranaut’s Office in Bandra’s Pali Hill today. Post the demolition process, further action will be taken legally.”

According to the BMC notice, there were violations like the merging of two bungalows, an illegal meeting room in the pooja room, and a few others.