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Bigg Boss 14: CarryMinati Entering Bigg Boss house?

Bigg Boss 14: Is CarryMinati Entering Bigg Boss house?

Hello guys, here we are supposed to give you a piece of great news for you all that CarryMinati, a popular YouTuber is in the rumors to be seen in the 14th season Bigg Boss. You all may be in the illusion of whether the news is true or fake, don’t worry we all the illusion would be cleared in the post. Before starting, let us clear you all the points as who is CarryMinati and why he is so famous?

As we know that most of you know everything about CarryMinati but for those who are not in the swim about it here we will give you every piece of news about CarryMinati and yes his possibility to come to the show. ‘Humko Tum Mil Gaye’ Song

Who is CarryMinati?

Ajey Nagar is a 21-years-old YouTube sensation who is known as CarryMinati. He usually makes roast videos and now he is one of the most successful YouTubers.

Bigg Boss 14: Is CarryMinati Entering Bigg Boss house?

He has a great fan following on social media and most of the times come into highlights for his videos but this time he is not in limelight for his content but for something else. Wanna know?

Is he entering Bigg Boss house?

It is in the news that CarryMinati is entering Bigg Bos’s house and the news seems trues as he was seen in the live-streaming where he didn’t show his face.

As per the reports, still, he is hotel-quarantined just like other contestants who will be entering the house. He will be making a magnificent entry on 3rd October 2020 on the Bigg Boss 14 set.

There are also reports that there will be 3 more Youtubers apart from CarryMinati. It’s not the first time when this kind of rumors doing rounds on the internet back in 2017, he was in the highlights to enter BB house and it was the hot topic of the internet.

Back, there were also rumors that TikTok star Amir Siddiqui was also in the talks to enter the 14th season of BB. Let us tell you that CarryMinati and Amir Siddiqui, both of them were in great controversy and had an ugly fight through their content.

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