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Chidambaram is targeting central government on COVID-19 and economy

Chidambaram is targeting central government on COVID-19 and economy

Congress Leader Chidambaram targets Modi Government on Covid-19 and the economy. He said PM Modi must explain why India has failed in maintaining Coronavirus who was going to defeat this virus within 21 days by imposing a lockdown throughout the nation. Other countries seemed to be succeeded in maintaining coronavirus. India has also failed to keep its economy balanced. BJP Government failed to maintain coronavirus. The only step they took to maintain is to impose a lockdown throughout the nation.

No preparation was done before Janta Curfew about the handling of coronavirus. The opposition Party had also asked the Government to take necessary steps in February. But the ruling party ignored this. COVID-19: Russian vaccine trial successful in human

Now in India, There have been occurring almost 75 thousand cases in a single day. India marked the highest single-day jump of 86,432 new Coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, taking the total of 4-million mark. On Saturday, As per the Union health ministry. there were 1,089 more deaths in the last 24 hours.

Chidambaram: is lockdown successful in India?


Lockdown in India is only helped Government to prepare about Covid-19 for Masks and sanitizer. because there was no preparation before that. The economy cannot be revived easily. Now GDP is 23.9%. There is a Job crisis everywhere throughout the country.

Labourer died with hunger. Many People committed suicide. So, Lockdown in India imposed by Government failed in every aspect. It was imposed to maintain coronavirus. Nothing happened so. We are getting 70k coronavirus cases every day.

This is what former finance Minister, Chidambaram alleged that the country is not able to get the benefit of the lockdown.

PM Modi who promised that we will defeat coronavirus in 21 days must explain why India failed when other countries seem to have succeeded,” he added.

Now in India, The condition is worst than ever expected. There is no way to revive the economy for now until the coronavirus completely goes away. India has been hit hard after the unlocking phase. 

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