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COVID-19: Russian vaccine trial successful in human

COVID-19: Russian vaccine trial succesful in human

Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine has been successful in the early Human Trials. As per reports, the Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V has not shown any side effects and it brings out a strong immune system response in early Human trials. Last Month, Russia became the first country to launch the Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik-V that has been criticized by the people and experts for not doing phase 3 trials. But Now, Study says It was found to be safe and helps to improve the system after facing lots of criticism to approve a vaccine before doing Phase-3 trials. 

COVID-19: Human Trials done for Sputnik-V?

Researchers say that they have taken 76 people for trials who are aged between 18-60. There have been two phases 1 and phase 2 consisting of 38 people each This trial was done by Moscow hospital 

In phase-1, two groups of nine people have been given one dose of adenovirus and nine people were given another in frozen form.

In phase -2 two groups of 20 healthy people in each study have got sequential doses of rAd26-S followed by rAd5-S of one of the two formulations.

COVID-19: Russian vaccine trial succesful in human

 Denis Logunov of Gamaleya Institute explained here why two formulations were used they wanted “To form a powerful immune response against SARS-CoV-2. He further said that a booster vaccination is important to be provided. For their vaccine, they use two different adenovirus vectors to avoid the immune system from becoming immune to the vector,” Your actions on LAC in violation

COVID-19: What are the results?

Sputnik-V has been found safe for COVID-19 has not shown any side effects to participants people. There were some side effects complained by participants people but those were not counted to be serious. The most complained side effect was at the injected site. participants felt headache, hyperthermia, and asthenia. there were mild side effects. there were no serious side effects occurred. 



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