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Ehsan Khan, Dilip Kumar Younger Brother Passed Away At 90

Ehsan Khan, Dilip Kumar Younger Brother Passed Away At 90

Very sad news has come to light that another younger brother of Dilip Kumar died due to coronavirus at 11:00 pm on 2nd September. Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Ehsan Khan was fighting a coronavirus epidemic, which led to his being admitted to Lilavati Hospital. Then after some time, it was reported that Dilip Kumar’s younger brother Ehsan Khan died at 11:00 pm on the night of 2 September.

Ehsan Khan breathed his last on 2 September. All the fans of this Bollywood famous actress are worried about the other members of the family because the black shadow is surrounding the house of Dilip Kumar still. Read this entire article and explore this whole death incident happened yesterday at 11 PM.

Everyone is worried after hearing the news of the demise. No one is convinced that now another brother of Dilip Kumar has passed away due to Coronavirus. Ehsan Khan was 90 years old, whose coronavirus test was found positive. In addition to coronavirus, treatment related to heart disease was underway. He was also getting treatment for diseases like hypertension and Alzheimer’s.

Ehsan Khan dies at 90

The whole family is mourning and is saying which dark shadow has spread its feet on our family. Stay tuned on this page like in the same flow and read the entire incident happened yesterday at 11 PM. This is the second death in Dilip Kumar’s family about 12 days later. Dilip Kumar’s youngest brother also died due to being infected with the Coronavirus.

Ehsan Khan, Dilip Kumar Younger Brother Passed Away At 90

Dilip Kumar’s youngest brother died on 21 August due to Corona Virus’s death. One death has frightened other family members. How the family of Dilip Kumar is decreasing one after the other due to Coronavirus. As you all know Dilip Kumar’s youngest brother Aslam Khan also died due to coronavirus. Both Ehsan Khan and Aslam Khan are younger than Dilip Kumar whose report was found to be COVID-19 test positive. Robert Downey Jr Confirms, He is ‘all Done’ Playing Iron Man In MCU

Both were admitted to the hospital. Both of them took their last breath in the hospital. Reports have revealed that on August 15, both Aslam and Ehsan had to be admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai due to being found to be coronavirus positive. Despite getting private treatment, the health of both brothers was not affected.

Dilip Kumar had isolated himself at home so that his health was not affected by the coronavirus. Dilip Kumar’s entire family is still worried about why it is happening in our family that our family members are going to leave us one by one.

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