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Expiry Date ZEE5 Original Web Series Premiering On 2nd October 2020

Expiry Date Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer, Spoiler & More You Need To Know

Another great web series of Zee5 Originals is going to be presented. The title of this web series is ‘Expiry Date’. This web series presents the best and popular Telugu film industry faces. ‘Expiry Date’ is a romantic and thriller web series which will be released on 2 October 2020. The web series will feature a revenge thriller, directed by Shankar K Marthand, who has worked as a writer and director in the Telugu film industry. Fans are willingly waiting to watch this web series on 2nd October 2020 only on Zee5 original. Swathi Deekshith Bigg Will Be Next Wild Card Entry In Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

Friends, you are going to see a couple Vishwa and Disha in ‘Expiry Date’, who will present romance in this web series. And then it is going to be told through this series that the married life of these couples is completely spoiled when Vishwa realizes that the direction is cheating him.

Expiry Date Premiere

Then this series departs towards Murder. Tony Luke will be seen playing Vishwa in this web series and Sneha Ullal is going to play Disha. Madhu Shalini will play Sunita.

Expiry Date Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer, Spoiler & More You Need To Know

Sneha Ullal made her debut with Salman Khan before appearing in a Telugu film in 2005. Now, this actress is going to be seen playing the lead character. So friends, don’t forget to watch the expiry date on 2 October 2020. New Anime Filter: How to get it for Instagram App?

Expiry Date Cast & Crew

As you all know, before coming to Telugu film, all these characters have also once presented their roles in Bollywood films. Once again, will be seen in the lead role, which is going to be released on October 2 only. You cannot even guess how this web series, directed by Shankar K Marthand, will win the hearts of audiences next month.

  • Sneha Ullal
  • Madhu Shalini
  • Tony Luke
  • Ali Reza

Expiry Date Storyline & Spoiler

Now the entire Telugu audience and more Bollywood audiences are unable to watch it. Friends, don’t forget to watch this web series, which will be released on Zee 5 soon. The genre of this series is a romantic thriller. Love Island USA Season 2 Episode 29

Through this web series, the beautiful story will also be presented, in which a lot of romance will be shown in the beginning, then later through this series, you will also see a Killing Aspect, in which Vishwa is Will be seen killing the wife.

Expiry Date Trailer

Because Vishwa has been cheated by his wife. So friends, keep this important attention of this web series and like this. Do not forget to watch this series on Zee 5. If you all want to enjoy this series at any time, you can download all the zee5 original apps.

And you can watch this web series at any time. Moreover, stay connected with our channel so that we can send a notification including all about it and other web series. Watch Pasta Short Adult Film Review

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