Hijri Islamic New Year 2020: UAE to mark Islamic event with public holiday

Hijri Islamic New Year 2020: UAE to mark Islamic event with public holiday

Today we are going to talk about the announcement of new holidays in the Arab Emirates, applicable to everyone, workers, migrants, citizens. The UAE has announced a holiday on Thursday for Muharram 1, Hijri 1442, (Sunday, 23 August), the start of the Islamic New Year.

Significantly, according to a statement released today on social media by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, Muharram 1, 1442 holiday for public sector / federal government workers has been announced.

Hijri Islamic New Year 2020: UAE to mark Islamic event with public holiday

Tell us that the Islamic New Year will start from 23 August 2020, which will be on Sunday, giving public sector / federal government employees a three-day weekend holiday. A three-day government holiday will be available from Sunday. Preparations have begun for the New Year celebrations in the UAE. The declaration was issued by the government on Muharram 1, Hijri 1442 on Thursday. The holiday commemorates the day Prophet Mohammad came to Madina from Mecca. Fortnite Is Out From Apple App Store And Google Play Store

To mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, the next public holiday of the UAE will be celebrated on 29 October. There will be no public event to celebrate the Islamic New Year, also known as Al Hijri New Year, with hotels and bars. Muslims do not mark an Islamic event with celebration.

In the Emirates, the new year is celebrated twice. The first New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and is considered a religious holiday, so it is measured quietly, without unnecessary fuss and stormy celebrations. The UAE celebrates the second New Year in conjunction with the whole world on 1 January, and it passes extensively and extensively!

The first day of the first month of the year – Muharram – is dedicated to praying for mosques, good works, and family ceremonies. Recently, it has become customary to greet relatives and friends, give cards, and symbolic gifts. One of the four holy months of the year, the first ten days of Muharram, is a very important time in which it is customary to conclude marriages and start new important businesses.