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How Rafale Jet Will Boost Indian Air Force Power In The Sky

rafale Jets landed Ambala

The first batch of the Rafale jets is going to arrive in Ambala, Haryana today to strengthen the Indian Air Force (IAF) Arsenal.

Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhaduaria of Indian Air Force (IAF) will be present at the Ambala for receiving the Rafale combat jets that are coming from France.

Rafale Jet

Rafale Jet Fighter Planes land in Ambala

As per the reports from the sources, The Rafael Jets will be taking off from the Al Dharab, UAE around 11:00 A.M. and will reach Ambala, India around 2:00 PM IST. BSE Odisha 10th Results 2020

Jodhpur airbase is supposed to be the backup airbase in case, whether conditions go south or due to any other issue at the Ambala airbase that might intrude the process.

Section 144 has been implemented in the four neighboring villages around the Ambala airbase, as per the security measures.

Ambala, DSP Traffic, Munish Sehgal said that the administration is on high alert and keeping a keen eye on the activities nearby. He also addressed to the local citizens that any type of crowding on the roof and taking photographs of the jets is strictly prohibited.

The four villages where section 144 has been imposed are Panjokhara, Baldev Nagar, Dhulkot, and Garnala. Taking photos near the Air Force station is strictly prohibited and subject matter to the law-breaking.

DSP of Ambala, Ram Kumar, said that Ambala Cantt has turned into the “No Drone-area” since it is a sensitive area.

Ram Kumar further added in his statement, “The Ambala Cantt area is a “no drone-area” as it is a sensitive zone. If anyone violates these orders action will be taken against them.”

Authorities also made clear to the locals there is no photography allowed between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM till noon.

In addition to the jet, the Indian Air Force has also equipped HAMMER missiles to the Rafale aircraft in order to increase their combat capabilities.

The HAMMER missiles have the capability to destroy any type of target within the 60-70 KM range.

HAMMER (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) initially designed, developed, and manufactured by the France Air Force and Navy. It is a type of air-to-ground weapon.

Rafale aircraft is also armed with the long-range Meteor air-to-air missile and SCALP as well.

The team of 17 squadrons with Captain Harkirat Singh as the commanding officer along with the wing commanders MK Singh and R Kataria will land the 5 Rafale jets in Ambala today and then meet with the Air Cheif to give him a briefing about the training that they got in France and their flying as well.

As per the agreement, the French Dassault Aviation Company has trained the Indian Air Force pilots on the Rafale aircraft. This is the biggest defense deal ever signed by India worth Rs 60,000 according to which France will give us 36 Rafale Jets.

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