Hurricane Laura Live Coverage: Category 4 ‘Extremely dangerous’ hurricane makes landfall in US

Hurricane Laura Live Coverage: Category 4 ‘Extremely dangerous' hurricane makes landfall in US

There is a major hurricane of category 4 is surging called “Hurricane Laura” which has been surging towards the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. Since Wednesday, the hurricane has been gaining strength continuously, therefore, state leaders have issued a warning regarding the life-threatening conditions which this storm can cause.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, the storm has gained an enormous speed of 150 miles per hour and has been barging through the Gulf of Mexico. There are still possibilities that the storm could gain more strength before landfall, some of the forecasters also referring to it as an “unsurvivable storm surge.”

Hurricane Laura causes destruction across Louisiana

John Bel Edwards, governor of Louisiana, during a briefing on Wednesday, “This is a very serious storm, In the five years I’ve been governor, I don’t believe I’ve had a press conference where it was my intention to convey the sense of urgency that I am trying to convey right now,” Mr Edwards said. “Our state hasn’t seen a storm surge like this in many many decades.”

Hurricane Laura Live Coverage: Category 4 ‘Extremely dangerous' hurricane makes landfall in US

In Texas and Louisiana, city and county officials have issued an order to evacuate the almost 50,000 residents especially those who are living in the low areas.

On Wednesday, the National Hurricane Centre’ Director posted a video on twitter regarding the conditions of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico. He said, “Anybody watching in these areas along the Louisiana coast, I mean, it is too dangerous to be outside,” said the director, Ken Graham. “I hope you’re not there. I hope you evacuated.” Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Announce Pregnancy

He said, “Dangerous situation, so you got to be in your safe place.”

Due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the evacuation process has become very complicated and risky. However, the residents of Texas and Lousiana has previously experienced the storms but still it’s dangerous than ever.

The governer said, “The state and local governments are fully aware that they are dealing with a pandemic while they are responding to Hurricane Laura,”