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International Charity Day 2020 Theme, History, And Significance

International Charity Day 2020 Theme, History, And Significance

Every year on September 5 the world celebrates International Charity Day as United Nations in 2012 has declared this day as an international holiday. It is said that the Hungarian Civil Society was the one who originally proposed to observe International Charity Day on the day of death of Mother Teresa i.e. 5th September. Mother Teresa has devoted her entire life and worked tirelessly for the people who were suffering from poverty.

This day provides an explicable opportunity to do some charity and help the weaker section of the society. It is not necessary by any means to support financially only if you can’t support by money then there are other lots of volunteer work you can do to pay your share. In a nutshell, it’s our moral duty to help the people who can’t help themselves in any way you can. To help them in a crisis situation is an act of humanitarian and growth as a society together. Love Fraud Episode 2 Release Date

International Charity Day History

This day is celebrated on the death anniversary of one of the most charitable persons in the history of Humankind, Mother Teresa, who has also won the Nobel Peace Prize for her unmatched charitable work. From the as early age of 12, she committed toward religious life and left home at 18 to become a missionary as she was most inspired by their work.

International Charity Day 2020 Theme, History, And Significance

Later she moved to India and devoted her rest of life for the help of poor people in the country. Her real charitable work was begun in 1948 when gained Indian Citizenship.

To honor her memory in 2011, the Hungarian Parliament has proposed to celebrate her death anniversary i.e. 5th September as International Charity Day and later in 2012, the UN also granted it as an international holiday.

How to Celebrate Internation Charity Day?

What better way could be to celebrate the international Charity Day but doing some charity itself. You can also do some volunteer work to help people in a humanitarian crisis. You’ll always feel good to give something back to society.

Once Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

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