IPL 2020 title rights: Dream 11 has bagged the title sponsorship

IPL 2020 title rights: Dream 11 has bagged the title sponsorship

After the exit of Chinese company VIVO, fantasy sports company Dream 11 has bought new rights for Rs 222 crore. The bid is Rs 218 crore lower than VIVO’s Rs 440 crore annually. The board had reduced the sponsorship amount by Rs 100 crore due to the market situation due to the ongoing lockdown caused by the corona virus. Competition for the title sponsorship rights also included stalwarts like the Tata group, Byju. The IPL will be held in the UAE from 19 September to 10 November this year.

Dream 11 gets IPL 2020 title sponsorship

Dream 11 has already been associated with the sponsorship of the IPL for the last few years. It was revealed that the Tata group did not make the final bid, while the two education technology companies Byzus (201 crore) and Unacademy (170 crore) finished second and third respectively. Delhi-NCR Rains Traffic Jam Updates

IPL 2020 title rights: Dream 11 has bagged the title sponsorship

Let us know that earlier due to the growing dispute between India and China, BCCI had discharged Vivo for this season. Vivo acquired IPL title sponsorship rights for five years from 2018 to 2022 for Rs 2190 crore (Rs 440 crore each year). Vivo may return as the main sponsor next year.

Vivo suspended the contract for this year following a public backlash against Chinese companies.

If sources are to be believed, Tata was seriously looking to sponsor the IPL this time. The board had already made it clear that only those companies came forward with an annual turnover of more than Rs 300 crore. Although startups such as Byzus and Unacademy also met these conditions, Tata Sons was an Indian brand so it was considered a strong contender for the race.

Yogguru Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali was also considered a big contender on social media. The company itself had expressed a desire to get sponsorship, but in the past Baba Ramdev denied the whole thing, saying that Patanjali will come forward for sponsorship only when no other Indian company wants to get this right. Apart from these, from time to time, claims of big companies like Amazon, Reliance Jio and Coca-Cola India were also being announced.

The IPL 2020 program will start on September 19 and run for 53 days. The IPL final will be held on November 10, which will give broadcasters the benefit of the week of Diwali. According to the BCCI, this time 10 double header (two matches in a day) of IPL will be played. This time, the games will be played from 7:30 pm in the evening. Which was 8 pm the night before.

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