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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Daily Episodes Written Updates & Spoilers

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Show, which was shown on Star Plus that is come back with new episodes again. Now many new actors and actresses are working in the drama. It is one of the oldest drama shows and now it will introduce you to the life story again with a new story.

the story begins. When Anurag’s manager calls and he appeals to Anurag for a new phone but Anurag refuses to give the phone. Which makes the manager surprised. Anurag remembers Prerna by seeing the photo. And the same Prerna also remembers him. Anurag expresses his desire to face his hatred while grieving. Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case Updates

After that, some new faces are shown which include Kaushik, Moloy, Ronit, Nivedita.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Today Written Update

The next morning, Kaushik wakes up Molloy and says get up early. Your Ronit is waiting for breakfast. And Mohini and Nivedita are in the garden. They also tell Molloy that Kamolika is not there because Molloy does not like Kamolika and wants to keep her away from Prerna.

The other one and Saneha tell Prerna that she got a hanky from Durga Pandal. I will meet my mother. Because the belief of Durga Pandal is that whoever binds hanky here with true mind, his wish is fulfilled, after the wish is fulfilled you have to come back and open this unique hanky. And she says with inspiration that you too take your wish will be fulfilled. Sneha leaves saying that because she is getting late to go to school.

Veena then calls Prerna and asks her to come home. Simultaneously, Molloy and Kaushik come to the breakfast table with Ronit. Molloy asks where is Kamalika, on this matter Ronit said that he has forbidden anyone to reveal his address. Molloy then tells Ronit that Kaushik has become his fanatic. Kaushik tells him that he saw Shivani’s picture but he feels that they deserve better girl then why this girl.

Kaushik tries to ask Ronit if he really loves her. Ronit tells them that Shivani is perfect for him. But this is not to tell Kamolika and says that she is late in going to the office. After Ronit leaves, Molloy tells Kaushik that Ronit is very clever and is not telling anything.

When Prerna reaches home, she sees Kamolika waiting for them and is shocked to see this. Kamolika tells them that they will do the engagement ceremony tomorrow because of the short time. Kamolika gave the necklace to Shivani and said, “will meet at the engagement and forget the old things.”

Prerna thinks that Kamolika is playing a new trick together with Ronit. If this happens then she will not leave the Kamolika. And she also thinks Shivani will not understand Kamolika’s wrong intentions. On the other hand, Kamolika feels that the inspiration will not be found never know her plan and will not be able to do anything.

Kamolika considers that she is very happiest for this engagement Ronit and Shivani the increased happiness. And Kamolika said to Molloy hawkers that Shivani’s family, including Prerna, have agreed to the relationship.

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