National Video Games Day 2020 History, Significance, Importance And Theme


Every year on September 12, people celebrate the National Video Game around the world, however, this day might not be as significant and famous as any other day, but we have to acknowledge the fact the $18 Billion Dollar industry which is still growing at enormous pace has an impact on the world. The first-ever video game was created almost 80 years ago in 1940. Bigg Boss 14 Starting Date

National Video Games Day Significance

Nowadays, there are games for every age group and the gaming industry has been evolving as an indoor game too. All types of digital games whether it is old Mario or the latest call of duty all of them are considered as a video game. Right now, there are so many video games available in the market that if you play a new video game every day then still your lifetime won’t be enough to finish all like a classic Arcade game “Pacman” or new sensation “Fortnite”.

National Video Games Day 2020 History, Significance, Importance And Theme

History of National Video Game Day

The origin story of video games starts from the research labs of universities like Cambridge and Oxford and that too back in the early 1950s. One of the earliest developed games were virtual Tic Tac Toe and Spacewar.

The Father of Video Games Ralph Baer has invented the first-ever home gaming console in 1967, after having inspiration from Atari’s gaming console “Pong”. But there were some copyright issues over the game. Later, Atari took the market by storm by launching its “Atari 2600” and it was an instant hit, every kid of that era. Atari 2600 had numerous games like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, which later become one of the most famous and classic arcade games.

Later in 1989, Nintendo came into the scene and introduced a portable on the go gaming console like the “Nintendo Gameboy”. Right now there many gaming consoles companies like Sony’s Play Station, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo, etc.