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PUBG Ban In India Again? Fans Posted Very Funny Memes On Twitter

Since the Indian government has announced its plan for banning the Chinese apps along with the PUBG mobile and 250 other Chinese apps, the Indian gamers community has been panicking since. The government has decided to take such a drastic action due to concerns of citizens’ personal information and the threat to national security as well. The craze and following for the Player’s Unknown Battle Ground “PUBG Mobile” is on the next level in India. PUBG has been played by some of the most famous Indian gaming streamers and now the rumors have come forward related to the Indian government may ban PUBG mobile, gamers community is looking for an Indian substitution for this game, and which is not is an easy task right now.

As per the various cybersecurity experts, PUBG mobile gaming app has a tendency to steal data of its Indian user since the engine on which the game is built is based in China which could lead to the national security level threats. Missing: The Other Side Release Date

PUBG Ban in india

Anuj Aggarwal, one of the cybersecurity experts stated that “Most of the Chinese apps are doing the same thing across the world. They are accused of stealing the data and sharing it with their communist government and army.

Ban on almost all such Chinese apps was suspected after the skirmish at the border between the Indian and Chinese army. Those government officials who download such games may lose their confidentiality to the Chinese government as the apps often share the data of the users to the government”.

India is one of the largest users of PUBG Mobile app, with more than 175 million downloads from the Google Play Store. As the news of getting PUBG ban is spreading out, Twitterati and netizens have come up with memes. Apart from this, Indian parents are going to the happiest when PUBG Mobile will ban in India.

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