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World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Is All Set to Roll Out By Russia

As every country is trying to find the cure or coronavirus vaccine around the world. And some of even come close to achieve this feat with the help of best pharmaceutical minds in the world like AstraZeneca-Oxford University, Moderna and India’s very own Bharat Biotech, all are trying their best to find the vaccine of COVID-19 and bring everything back to normal as soon as possible.

Russia preparing mass vaccination against coronavirus for October

Impressively, Russia is ready to roll out its vaccine this month. Mikhail Murashko, the health minister of Russia said that a research facility in Russia named “The Gameleya Institute” has successfully completed the human trials of adenovirus-based vaccines and now they are ready to roll-out the world’s first coronavirus vaccine as soon as they complete the paperwork for the registration.

Murashko further added the first batch will be only for doctors and teachers, later in October this year, the vaccine is going to be launch on a much larger scale, As per the Russian media. 

The Gameleya Institute

Unsurprisingly, we don’t know much about the “Russian”  Pharmaceutical company “Gameleya Institute” and the COVID-19 vaccine they have developed.

In mid-June earlier this year, clinical trials of the vaccine were begun in Russia and seven clinical investigation sites also have been found in the country.

According to some reports, there are 2 forms of vaccine were developed- a liquid and a powdered form, both of them were in clinical investigation. A group of 38 peoples participated in the initial stage of the vaccine trial.

Earlier, Director of Gamaleya Institute, Alexander Ginsburg, gives a controversial statement, “Prior the human trials, the vaccine is first tested on the researchers”.

The Russian Association of Clinical Research Association (RACRA) stated that “crude violation of the very foundations of clinical research, Russian law and universally accepted international regulations.”


There are some rumors that by August 10-12 the COVID-19 vaccine will be registered in Russia. However, some of the Indian scientists and foreign scientists it is only possible to develop the vaccine only by the end of the current year or early 2021.

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