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Sanjay Dutt has stage 3 lung cancer for which he reached to the US for treatment

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Amidst the shocking news, another shocking news has now come to light that Sanjay Dutt Lung is on the third stage of cancer for which he was rushed to the USA for treatment. As you all know Sanjay Dutt was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai 3 days ago, he was having trouble breathing due to which he had to be admitted soon. During his hospitalization, he tweeted a message to his fans that his corona test is negative. And he will soon go to the USA after taking a short break, for his lung cancer treatment.

What is lung cancer?

Dutt’s close friend said that Sanjay Dutt is currently in Dubai with his mother, he has small children, we are very sad that Sanjay Dutt is on the 3rd stage of his lung cancer. News has revealed that Sanjay Dutt was thoroughly examined after being admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, and the sad news came to the fore on Tuesday that Sanjay Dutt was in the third stage of lung cancer.

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Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with lung cancer

Sanjay Dutt’s close friends Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Salman Khan worryingly call Sanjay Dutt but Sanjay Dutt does not pick up the call as he is suffering from the misery of his illness. And his mood was off at that time. All fans of Sanjay Dutt are very worried about him and pray for him that he gets well soon.

After coming from the USA, Sanjay Dutt should tell the good news to all of us, this is what we hope. As you know that Sanjay Dutt has many fans followers if it comes to that they all are worried about his health, not only his fans even his family, and all the other actors and actresses are showing their anxiety in his worst condition.

We wish to Sanjay Dutt to get well soon!

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