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Tenet and New Mutants appear online in pirated versions

Tenet and New Mutants appear online in pirated versions

Last week, the pirated version of Christopher Nolan’s latest Sci-Fi mind-bending movie, Tenet has been seen online. The video quality was very poor and the recording was also bad. Supposedly, both of these movies were recorded by using a camcorder and quality was such bad it was literally impossible to see anything. But, it was still noticed the one has Korean and another has German subtitles in it. It is still unknown how many peoples have watched this pirated copy until now.

Right now, all the theaters are struggling to attract the audience amid the COVID-19 pandemic and on top of these pirated versions of movies are not helping the theaters in any way. For the past few months, all the theaters were closed as per the social distancing protocol in the Coronavirus outbreak.

Not only “Tenet”, Disney and Fox’s latest movie “The New Mutants” pirated version was also leaked online.

Warner Bros is acting swiftly in order to bring down all the pirated versions of Tenet from the internet. Despite the Coronavirus, Tenet has managed to do some incredible business in theaters with $53 Million worldwide. For now, the movie is released in South Korea, Germany, The United Kingdom, and France. People are overcoming the fear of getting infected and heading off towards theaters to watch their favorite movies. FAU-G Game announced to after PUBG Ban

Tenet and New Mutants Full Movie Leaked Online

Except for New York and Los Angeles, the movie “Tenet” is released in the United States last week. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet gets a good reaction from the audience and able to collect a decent amount of money until now.

Tenet and New Mutants appear online in pirated versions

Movie Piracy has been starting to become a real concern even if we talk about Hollywood movies. Just after a few hours of release, a pirated copy of the movie is available online. TorrentFreak notes said, “a movie’s big piracy boom comes when the first high-quality copy appears online.” Fortunately, this is not a case with Tenet for right now.

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