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Texas DSHS Use Death Certificates To Determine COVID-19 Deaths

Texas DSHS Use Death Certificates
Texas DSHS Use Death Certificates To Determine COVID-19 Deaths

The Texas State Department of Health Services said Monday that it has changed the way it counts deaths from COVID-19. According to the method of this new, only 631 deaths have occurred in the state. But on Monday, the DSHS counted 5,713 deaths in the state from COVID-19. And on Sunday, he had given a count of 5,037 deaths from COVID-19, in which there is clearly a difference of 675 deaths.

The method was changed because of COVID-19 lots of differences in the number of deaths.

According to the old method of DHSH, fatalities were counted. They had verified the death according to reports from the regional health departments and local departments. This process does not provide timely demographic information on the cause and time of most fatalities.

New method: As we know COVID-19 is considered a fatal disease, usually when the doctor gets a medical certificate, he directly determines COVID-19 as the cause of death. But this method does not include the death of those who are COVID-19 positive, but the death is due to some other cause.

This new approach is quite good, says Texas DSHS, with more comprehensive demographic data that fatalities can be counted faster. The death certificate also ensures death in the state and is being considered very useful. enables DSHS to display fatalities by date of death.

According to the United States Census Bureau, In addition to COVID-19 deaths, Texas reported that 47.3 percent of those who died were Hispanic, while the state’s population is about 40 percent Hispanic. Texas used the Dead Certificates to find out the number of people dying from COVID-19, not the health department reports data.

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