The Kapil Sharma Show 16th August 2020 Cast Of Lootcase Special Episode Updates

The Kapil Sharma Show 16th August 2020 Cast Of Lootcase Special Episode Updates

The time of amusing and laughing is around the corner because a few hours are left to start an Indian famous comedy show which is known as “The Kapil Sharma Show”. The show is going open the box of entertainment again and marks as Sunday special. As you all must have seen this show on August 15, how powerful this show emerged. Salim and Suleman were invited to the show at 9:30 pm last night. Salim Suleman won the hearts of everyone with patriotic songs and So Kapil Sharma also entertained music with Salim and Suleman. Today, Rasika Dugal, Kunal Khemu, and Ranvir Shore will be invited to the show. Friends, this show is going to be very funny and funny today. Don’t forget to watch the Kapil Sharma show on Sony TV tonight at 9:30 pm.

The Kapil Sharma Show Lootcase Cast As Special Guest

If all of you want to watch this show without turning on the television screen comfortably, you can download the SonyLIV app. And you can also enjoy this show online on your mobile phone. Today, Kapil Sharma will also be seen playing Kunal Khemu playing the guitar. “A lot of laughter will come in the Lootcase“.

The Kapil Sharma Show 16th August 2020 Cast Of Lootcase Special Episode Updates

Yes, friends here we have talked about “Lootcase” which is the upcoming film of Kunal Khemu and Ranvir Shorey titled “Lootcase”. Tonight at 9:30 pm, Kapil Sharma Show will also feature some scenes from the film “Lootcase” which will also have a suitcase on the set of the show, with the reaction going on. And all the comedians like Bharti Singh, Krishna on the set of Kapil Sharma show will win the hearts of people with their comedy.

Kunal Khemu, Ranvir Shorey And Rasika Dugal grace the today’s show

As you all will be seeing how the show has an audience of effigies. Because the Coronavirus is not ending, the audience is not being seated, but effigies are being replaced. The show will end this week at 9:30 tonight. Then next week it will present its new episode.

You will get lots of Moja when you watch this show tonight at 9:30 PM. Baccha Yadav will make you over the moon by his Joks ka Pitara. He will make the laugh to Kapil Sharma Show’s guest from Lootcase movie. Kapil Sharma who is the host of this top-notch Indian comedy show will satire on Kunal Kemmu after revealing about his movies.

He says Kunal Kemmu did “Dhol” and get money into the Dhol in the movie and the main concept of the movie was money and this upcoming “Lootcase” which is being done by Kemmu, gets money into the “Lootcase” which marks the movie money based. Do watch this show tonight at 9:30 only on Sony TV.