The Lanka Premier League (LPL) Schedule, Matches Fixtures, And Venues

The Lanka Premier League (LPL) Schedule, Matches Fixtures, And Venues

Recently, the Sri Lankan government has announced that every person that comes on the island will have to go under the 14-days quarantine amid COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. This affects the entire schedule of the Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL), which is supposed to start in 17 days. But now, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has announced that they will have to postpone the upcoming The Lanka Premier League (LPL) at least till mid-November. Right now, the organizers can’t afford 14-days quarantine for the players with only 17 days left for the start of the tournament, therefore, Board has to postpone the LPL.

Inaugural Lanka Premier League Postponed Until Mid-November

Earlier, SLC was thinking that they can grant some relaxation from the Sri Lankan Health Ministry regarding the quarantine time period and flexibility of the directly involved player, commentators, broadcast crew, organizers. Since many of the people who will be directly involving in the game comes from countries where the Corona outbreak is severe, therefore Health officers are not willing to compromise the situation.

The Lanka Premier League (LPL) Schedule, Matches Fixtures, And Venues

The vice-president of Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC), Ravin Wickramaratne said in a statement, “We’re not the experts, so we had to go with what the health ministry is telling us,” He further added, “There’s a window from November 20th to December 12th, so that is what we are planning.” Due to the IPL set schedule in September, the SLC decided it will not be a great idea to push back the date otherwise it will clash with the IPL.

Sri Lanka is successfully able to contain the virus and their death rate is even lesser than that of New Zealand. All of this has been achieved with strict quarantine measures followed by Sri Lanka. If they resume international cricket then it can jeopardize their whole achievements until now. SEVILLA 3-2 INTER MILAN, UEFA Europa League Final 2020

Ravin Wickramaratne said, “We have asked the health ministry to try and be more flexible going forward,” he said. “If they have to do a 14-day quarantine for the Bangladesh tour, then the costs of that will have to be borne by their board, and it becomes difficult.”

SLC has also told that they are in talks with a Dubai-based event holder company Innovative Production Group (IPG), but the work on this won’t begin until after mid-November.

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