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The World Nature Conservation Day (WNCD) 2020 Significance & Importance

The July 28 of every year is recognized as the World Nature Conservation Day all around the globe. The sole objective to celebrate this day is to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife and nature and also how protecting and conserve our mother nature is the responsibility of the entire human race. We all have to accept the fact that without the resources that we get from nature, mankind will not survive. But instead of conserving it, we are overexploiting the resources.

It is good for us, as soon as we realize how important is to create a healthy environment if we want a stable society and to make sure that our future generation does not get affected by our present actions. Therefore, we all should recognize our responsibilities and duties to protect, sustain, and conserve nature. Tenet New Release Date

Significance of the World Nature Conservation Day

Even after all these protests, there are no restrictions or strictness over the activities like deforestation and illegal wildlife trafficking, conservation of nature should be the topmost priority of every country. In 2020, we can see and witness the events which are caused due to overlooking nature entirely. Natural disasters like Forrest fire in Australia, Hanna Hurricane in Texas USA, Nisarga in India are only a few examples if drastic steps are not taken soon then we will surely suffer in the future.

The whole world needs to act as one in order to create a healthy environment not only for the present and future generations as well. Why should they suffer the consequences of our actions? Now, for a long time, we have only taken from our earth like its trees, minerals, fossil fuels, minerals, air, water, and the list can go on but now it is time to be a little unselfish and give something back in return.

Things you can do to contribute something in nature conservation

  • Minimize or completely stop the wastage of food, water, and other items that can cause pollution.
  • Save energy of any kind such by switching off lights/fans when not in use, cut off the engine when the vehicle is stopped.
  • Remember the 3R rule i.e. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

A small change in your daily life can greatly affect nature and now it’s up to you whether you want this as a negative or positive effect. Be the change that you want to see in the world, only this mentality can help in nature conservation.

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