Top Android 11 New Features, Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Even after the coronavirus pandemic situation around the world, the tech giant “Google” has managed to launch its latest version of its operating system. Google has successfully able to launch Android 11.

Android is one of the largest used operating systems in the smartphone device. Companies like Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Asus use Android as the operating system in their smartphones. Previously, Google used to name their Android version based on famous desserts but from last year they switched to numbers like Android 10 and Android 11.

There are a few new features that Android 11 has to offers and also there are some changes in the interface too. Here, we’re going to mention all the changes that Google has made in the Android 11. OnePlus Nord Specifications

New Android 11 Features

  • A New Power Menu: By pressing and holding the power button instead of power off and restart device option, you’ll get access to Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Smart home app. These options will be customizable too.
  • Redesigned Media Player: Now the music control will be merged in the quick settings panel, previously it was shown with other notifications. This will provide a sophisticated look to the notification panel.
  • Bubbles: Just like Facebook’s chat heads, from now own this will also available with other messaging apps too. Google calls it “Bubble”, however, not all messaging app will be supporting this like Insta and Twitter DM.
  • Improved Notifications: In Android 11, there will be two different sections for notifications, one for the conversation app with long thread and the second for other apps notifications.
  • Screen Recording: From now on, you’ll be able to record the screen of an Android device without using any other third-party screen recorder app.
  • Permissions: In Android 11, you have an option that will force the app the ask for permission every time you use it. This will help to prevent unnecessary access to your data by the app. You can also revoke permissions of the app if you are not using it for a long time now.
  • Customize Share Menu: With this update, you can now add and remove apps from the share menu very easily. This was the feature that was lacking before. Sometimes, users get irritated when they are not able to find the app through which they wanted to share.
  • Emoji and Skins: There will be new 117 emojis and 55 new skin tones in the Android 11. Along with this, there are also some design changes in a few existing emojis too.

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