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US Policy Change: Foreign Students To Leave If Classes Go Fully Online Studies

On Friday, The United States of America announced that it won’t be any longer permitting the foreign for online classes, due to the current scenario the US policy government has overturned the order to deport those students who are already here and those who are preparing as well.

US Policy Change: Foreign Students To Leave If Classes Go Fully Online Studies

These changes in the policy were announced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In his message, the US President Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that this is going to be a tough period for the immigrants and also he also banned various visas for foreigners in this pandemic.

As per the original policy changes, the visas were going to nullify of all the foreign students whose classes were moved online in the autumn but in protest of this decision, top universities like MIT, Harvard, teachers unions, and at least other 18 states challenge this order in the court.

And after the court order administration needs to be overturned their decision on July 14.
It can be seen that this is the desperate measure taken by Trump to reopen the educational institutions without considering the catastrophic result of his move during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The only reason Trump wants to reopen school at all levels and that too with in-person classes (which completely compromises the social distancing measure) is to emerge as the strong leader and candidate for the Presidential election in November.

This policy change seems completely irrelevant when you see the US death toll is highest in the world with more than 144,000 deaths till now and in some states, the virus is off the chains. According to the Institute of International Education, For the academic year 2018-19, there are more than 1 million foreign students in the United States.

Most of the schools are dependent on the tuition fees they get from the students and on top of this, the administration is pressurizing school to reopen safely on their own.

Currently, there are not many colleges and universities in the US that have announced how they are going to work except Harvard they said, all of their classes for the academic year 2020-2021 are going to be online.

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