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Victory Over Japan Day: US Marks 75th Anniversary of V-J Day On September 2

Victory Over Japan Day: US Marks 75th Anniversary on September 2

The date was 2nd, September 1945 when the surrender document was officially signed on the USS Missouri Battleship in Tokyo Bay, and World War II was officially ended. In the United States, the Victory Over Japan Day is celebrated on September 2 while in the United Kingdom, the day is celebrated on August 15, if you want to know the reason behind this then read this article on Victory Over Japan Day.

What is Victory Over Japan Day?

There are many names of Victory Over Japan Day such as VJ Day, Victory in the Pacific Day, or V-P Day. As you can presume from the name itself, on this day, Imperial Japan has accepted the defeat and World War II was finally ended. But, this peace comes at the price of the death of a lot of innocent peoples around the world.

On August 15, 1945, Japan has admitted its defeat against the US, Britain, and their allies countries. On August 14, 1945, The President of the United States at that “Harry S Truman broke” said in an announcement “The last of our enemies is laid low.” Later, the British Prime Minister also confirmed this statement.

Victory Over Japan Day: US Marks 75th Anniversary on September 2The next day, Hirohito the emperor of Japan also made the announcement of their surrender and end of World Warr II.

The action that led to the surrender was two atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 August and 9 August respectively. Before doing so, the US asked Japan to surrender on 26 July 1945 but Japan didn’t accept that. So, the US attacked Japan with two atomic Bombs. It is said that there were more than 215,000 people were killed in these atomic explosions. Hirohito the emperor of Japan described these attacks as  “a new and most cruel bomb”.

How VJ Day is Celebrated?

When World War II was ended, the Prime Minister of Britain announced two national holidays consecutively on August 15 and 16. There were parades on the street, everyone was happy as the war is finally ended but a lot more were in grief because they have lost their family, friends, and everything due to this war. World Coconut Day 2020

On August 15, 1945, King George IV broadcasted a message from Buckingham Palace, “Our hearts are full to overflowing, as is your own. Yet there is not one of us who has experienced this terrible war who does not realize that we shall feel its inevitable consequences long after we have all forgotten our rejoicings today.”

Billions of people were suffered directly or indirectly due to this war. Clearly, it was one of the darkest phases in the history of Humankind. 

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