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What Is Feluda First CRISPR COVID-19 Test And How It Works?

What Is Feluda First CRISPR COVID-19 Test And How It Works?

Feluda is a COVID-19 test kit, it is a paper-based test strip which is as accurate as other test kits and available at a comparatively lower price. Feluda has the ability to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus within 30 minutes. After having approval from the Drug Controller General of India, the test kit is now available to sell commercially in India. By the combined efforts of the Tata group and a team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) led by Debojyoti Chakraborty and Souvik Maiti, ‘Feluda’ has been successfully developed.

The name ‘Feluda’ has been inspired by a fictional character created by the legendary writer and director Satyajit Ray. These affordable test kit can be proven useful when India is currently testing more than 10 lakhs people for COVID-19 per day.

What is the Feluda Paper Strip Test for Covid-19?

FNCAS9 Editor Linked Uniform Detection Assay or Feluda is based on a homegrown technology (CSIR Gene-Detecting Technology) that can easily identify the virus in the sample which causes the COVID-19 disease. The virus responsible for this is SARS-CoV2.

As per the reports from CSIR, the result that they get from Feluda is of the same standard as the RT-PCR Test kit, which is state of the art. In a nutshell, Feluda is as good as any other test kit available in the market but affordable to all.

Feluda Paper Strip Test Approved by India and it’s Work Explained

According to the statement from CSIR, “The Tata CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) test, powered by CSIR-IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology) FELUDA, has met high-quality benchmarks, with 96 percent sensitivity and 98 percent specificity for detecting novel coronavirus,”. Enola Holmes Reviews

The cost of one Feluda test will be around Rs 500 which is much less when compared to the RT-PCR test that costs around Rs 1,600 to Rs 2,000. There are also other tests that are available like Antibody Test @ Rs 500-600, Rapid Antigen Test @ Rs 450. Until March, only RT-PCR was available for the COVID-19 test but now there are plenty of other options too.

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