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When Will Akshay Kumar ‘Into The Wild’ with Bear Grylls Episode To Be Released?

When Will Akshay Kumar In 'Into The Wild' with Bear Grylls Episode To Be Released?

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi and superstar Rajinikanth, now Bollywood player Kumar Akshay Kumar will be a part of the famous show Man vs Wild by Bare Grylls. According to news agency ANI, Akshay Kumar will also appear in the show.

According to the news, Akshay Kumar has also reached Mysore for its shooting. Akshay has been spotted with his entire team at Mysore Airport. The news agency has posted a picture of Akshay Kumar in which he is seen at the airport with the guards. Mirzapur Season 2 Trailer

First look at Akshay Kumar and Bear Grylls venturing into the wild

Akshay Kumar in ‘Into The Wild’ with Bear Grylls, episode to premiere on Sept 11

Akshay Kumar had tweeted about the show, ‘Apart from the unique and adventure of the show, the show will also talk about climate change and how to save the planet? I am anxious about Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 9 pm on the Man Versus Vault show ‘.


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You thinking I mad… but mad only going into the wild. #IntoTheWildWithBearGrylls @beargrylls @discoveryplusindia @discoverychannelin

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Photos of Akshay Kumar and Bayer Grylls from Man Vs Wild’s shoot are becoming viral on social media.

Akshay Kumar, Into the Wild with Bear Grylls Trailer Video

In these photos, Akshay Kumar can be seen with Bare Grylls and with the official of the forest. Akshay is wearing olive green color T-shirt with khaki cargo pants. Akshay Kumar, like Rajinikanth, has shot episodes in Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Akshay and Bayer spent almost 6 hours together in this park.

Bare Grylls also tweeted praising Akshay Kumar. He said, what a brilliant person, a family person, very kind, strong intentions.

When Will Akshay Kumar In 'Into The Wild' with Bear Grylls Episode To Be Released?

Tiger Reserve Director T. Balachandra dismissed Rajinikanth’s news of the injury as fake. Balachandra said on Tuesday that all this is a lie. According to the script, there was a scene in which Rajinikanth was to fall, while coming down from the rope, he just jumped down and everyone ran towards him.

On Wednesday, Discovery Channel spokesperson confirmed to IANS that Rajinikanth was not hurt. He said that the shooting happened according to the plans on time. it went well. Just rumors are being spread.

Karan Johar wrote, A strong message from our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. One thing for which we all have to contribute. Environmental protection is the need of the hour. Thank you sir for your efforts.

Man Vs Wild has been shot well with. However, with Akshay Kumar, Bayer Grylls had to shoot in 5 locations, out of which only two were shot. By leaving Akshay in the river, Bayer bid him farewell.

It is reported that after Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Virat Kohli are also going to shoot the show with Bayer Grylls. Deepika is the first Indian woman and Bollywood actress to appear in the Bayer Grylls show Man Vs Wild. It is believed that along with Deepika and Virat, other celebs can also be seen on this show.

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