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Who Is Joe Biden? Check His Net Worth, Wiki, Profile & Biography

Joe biden
Who Is Joe Biden? Check His Net Worth, Wiki, Profile & Biography

Joe Biden is the former US vice president. He is 77 years old and presumably Democratic nominee for the US Presidential election. Natively, he is from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware. He had served as Senator of Delaware for six-term when he was elected for the first time in 1972. He has also served as 47th Vice-President of the United States of America. He was also the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election in 88’ and 08’ as well.

Joe Biden’s Signature issue

For about half-century, Mr.Biden has served for the public interests and life, with government experience in abundance, hence thinks that he’ll as an accomplished and hardened candidate in this world with uncertainty.

Joe biden

After the coronavirus pandemic, he has come forward in order to help the citizens of the United States of America. He also has spreading advice based on health care experts and economic experts as well. One of those suggestions includes is to making COVID-19 Test kit availability to all and free as well. He even said there should be no cost for patients for the vaccine when it’s going to available. He also publicly criticize the current US President, Mr. Donald Trump, for his sluggish response in such critical conditions of coronavirus outbreak.

During the Barack Obama administration, while he was serving as the Vice-President, one of the utmost priorities was the Affordable Care Act and health care. He often said that health care is always is a top priority as it is personal to him. In 1972, he lost his wife and newborn daughter in a car accident, and later in 2015 he also lost his elder son Beau Biden from Cancer. He also proposed to add the public option to the “Affordable Care Act”.

Questions about Joe Biden

Would Joe Biden be the oldest US president in history?

Yes, if he wins the Presidential election then at his inauguration, he will be the oldest president in the history of the USA at the age of 78. Currently, at the age of 73, Mr. Donald will also be the oldest president as well if he manages to win the election for the second time.

What is the role if the Obama era in Biden’s campaign?

Until the primary race for the nomination was settled, Mr. Obama did not back Joe Biden in public, however, both Obama and Biden shares a close relationship during his administration. Mr. Biden often talks about his relationship with Ex-President Barack Obama and also talks about the work they both have done together on the Affordable Care Act and foreign policies.

During his campaign, he gets lots of applause whenever he praises Obama. Many democrats supporters are showing their support toward Biden especially African-American voters.

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