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Why has Jacob Blake been shot at least 7 times at Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Why has Jacob Blake been shot at least 7 times at Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Heart-Breaking news is going viral rapidly that Jacob Blake, a resident of Wisconsin who has three sons, was gunned down by the police 7 times. This 29-year-old father was just going to settle a quarrel as soon as he opened the door and was about to step inside that he was wounded by a gun 7 times by the police. The public is on the protest against the purposeless gunshot upon the Black man at Kenosha, Wisconsin. The illegal gunshot on the Black man gathered the public protest and march in the street.

The man is in critical condition still at the hospital. Governor Tony Evers stated that they do not forget their empathy, equality, and responsibility. And the action will soon be taken upon the undesirable encroachment. Reports are revealing that Jacob was shot in multiple times in his back yesterday (Sunday 23rd August) at 5:00 PM when his three sons were in the car.

Why has Jacob Blake been shot at least 7 times at Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Jacob Blake police shooting protests

Governor Tony Evers said that they did not get the entire information so far and Jacob is not only the Black man who has been killed. The matter is that yesterday police were called to the domestic incident, and at the moment Jacob was rounding surrounding house. He was trying to entred in the house even also police denied him to get in. When he opened the door and endeavoured to take a step into the house then suddenly has been shot in the back from behind by the police. All the incident was captured in the CCTV camera. Champions League 2020: Paris Police Arrested 148 in riots after PSG defeat

Who is Jacob Blake?

Jacob Blake is in critical condition right now. He was immediately hospitalized when he was shot. Jacob is currently admitted to the ICU. This person was entering the house just to resolve the quarrel that it was shot 7 times by the police. The video is going viral very fast. That Kenosha police were called at 5:11 for a domestic incident. Jacob Blake was settling in to settle the fight. The police shot it. Right now Jacob Blake, a black man, is going through a grave situation.

Kenosha’s public policy has been strongly opposed since the video has gone viral on social media. The governor has imposed an emergency curfew on the entire Kenosha. Because public anger is becoming violent. For the first time, this atrocity on Blackman was captured by the police in a camera. Even after 7 bullets, this person did not lose his courage and is still going through a serious situation.

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